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Porter Ranch Gas Leak Lawsuit

Porter Ranch Community & Local Residents Reporting That Individuals Are Ill From Gas Leak

Porter Creek Gas Leak

The Porter Ranch neighborhood is known for having some of the cleanest air in the Valley year-round, partly because of the north winds which sweep across the community. Ironically, those same winds have also moved the methane gas leaking from Southern California Gas Company’s “SoCal Gas” storage field, across the neighborhood, contaminating the once clean air.

How This Disaster Reportedly Happened

SoCal Gas operates a 3,600-acre natural gas storage facility in Aliso Canyon, which is just about a mile from the Porter Ranch community. In September of 2015, SoCal Gas injected 5.7 billion cubic feet of gas underground near the residents of Porter Ranch. SoCal Gas was injecting what is thought to be similar amounts of gas in October when one of the injection wells suffered a colossal failure and blowout, causing to the leak, which has since caused air contamination.

The leaking injection well is one of 115 wells at the Aliso Canyon site, where natural gas is stored in a vacant underground oil field. SoCal Gas is one of the biggest gas utilities in the nation and is thought to be the largest natural gas storage facility in the West and is capable of supplying all of Southern California for more than a month. SoCal Gas pumps gas into storage wells about 1.5 miles below ground surface during the summer and then pulls on those supplies to meet increased energy demands in winter.

Have You Been Affected?

At Vititoe Law Group, located in Westlake Village CA, we stand up to corporate polluters and fight for those they harm and the planet we all live on.
Our founder, James W. Vititoe, was part of the landmark, water contamination case, against Pacific Gas and Electric Company that settled for a record-breaking $333 million, portrayed in the movie Erin Brockovich. Jim’s original firm represented hundreds of clients in Hinkley, California, who were suffering from cancer caused by chromium VI (also known as hexavalent chromium) polluted groundwater.

We are known as one of the leading law firms litigating environmental issues, chemical contamination, water contamination and toxic torts.

We have and will continue to be a loud voice in the environmental arena. Our California environmental law attorneys work closely with communities facing illnesses caused by contamination to rectify the problems. We consult with leading doctors, scientists, engineers and other experts to show how communities and their people have been harmed by environmental disasters caused by negligent and liable corporations.

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