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Workplace Injury Attorneys | Injured On The Job

Help When You’ve Been Hurt On The Job

Every occupation has its hazards, and workers all across California suffer injuries every day. Our state’s workers’ compensation system is designed to pay for expenses associated with work-related injuries, including medical bills and lost wages. All too often, however, insurance carriers deny coverage or refuse treatments to claimants. To help ensure that you receive all of the benefits you are entitled to, you should consider speaking with a Thousand Oaks work injury lawyer.

At Vititoe Law Group, we handle workers’ compensation claims as well as third-party personal injury claims for workers who have been hurt while on the job, or whose duties have caused an injury. Our skilled and knowledgeable attorneys know how to determine if you have the ability to file a third-party claim. We will guide you through the process of filing a worker’s compensation claim and work diligently to obtain all of the compensation you are entitled to receive.

Workers’ Compensation

Workplace injuries come in a variety of forms and can occur in many ways. While most people think of serious injuries, workers’ compensation covers all work-related injuries, including:

  • Amputations
  • Broken bones
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Work-related vision loss
  • Work-related hearing loss
  • Mental stress-related injuries

Our attorneys will consult with you as you fill out your paperwork and help you appeal if your employer’s insurance carrier denies you coverage. We will pursue all of the lost wage benefits you are entitled to, which will depend on the extent of your injuries.

Third-Party Claims

If you were injured on the job by a third party such as a subcontractor or if you were in an auto accident while driving a company car or making work-related deliveries, you may be able to file a third-party personal injury claim. This may help increase your overall compensation and cover costs not handled by workers’ compensation.

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If you have suffered a workplace injury, our experienced attorneys will work closely with you to ensure you recover the maximum possible compensation for your losses. To schedule a free consultation, call 818-991-8900 or contact us online. We have offices in Westlake Village, Los Angeles and Oxnard.

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Give us a call and our attorneys will guide you through the process of litigation and put together a legal team tailored to your needs. When necessary, we will help you find the best doctors to treat your injuries. Our team approach gives our clients a multitude of strengths and skills to rely on to successfully resolve their cases.

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